Sarah Beach and Dr Ben King

Co-Founders of iHealthCo


International Health Collaboration (iHealthCo) is a company formed by two highly experienced and passionate healthcare professionals,  Sarah Beach and Dr Ben King.


Based in Brisbane, Australia, Sarah and Ben identified a need to partner with global healthcare experts to facilitate delivery of relevant, outstanding, research based seminars and clinical workshops. This collaboration grew to include facilitating highly specialised medical equipment across borders to the international health community.


For the past few years, iHealthCo have managed seminars and workshops for a multidisciplinary health professional audience, led by academic and clinical leaders in the medical, dental and allied health specialties. . Dedicated to improving patient health outcomes, iHealthCo seek to engage like-minded educators who strive to contribute to ongoing research, continuously publishing and delivering advances in their chosen field.


iHealthCo work closely with USA based organisations such as The Breathe Institute in Los Angeles, as well as LightScalpel CO2 surgical & dental Lasers, based in Seattle. 


Our medical and health products are market leading, and are being offered to provide opportunities to health care professionals to deliver cutting edge world class patient care.


Our audiences come from all disciplines of health, as we aim to present these topics in a multidisciplinary environment, ensuring cross-pollination of ideas and experiences to ultimately improve patient outcomes. We understand that patient-centred care is at its best when all health professionals are stepping outside their usual Continuing Education ‘comfort zones’ to learn to work collaboratively in finding best treatment options.


iHealthCo is on a mission to bring healthcare professionals together to educate, build great relationships, and to drive a multidisciplinary team approach for the ultimate patient care experience.