LightScalpel now available in Australia

This dental CO2 laser is the most affordable flexible fiber waveguide system on the market.

Introducing the LS-1005

Surgical and Dental CO2 Laser

Scalpel-Like Feel

The thin, flexible fiber and its pen-like handpieces are exceptionally comfortable and easy for the surgeon to use during medical or dental laser treatments.

LightScalpel soft tissue CO2 laser treatment improves surgical field visibility through reduced bleeding. 



The flexible fiber CO2 laser handpiece is held very close to the tissue at a distance of 1 – 3 mm, allowing the surgeon to gain maximum stability. 

Multiple Spot Sizes

LightScalpel flexible fiber CO2 lasers can be used with multiple sizes of focusing tips and tipless nozzles that can be quickly and easily changed during medical or dental laser treatment: 0.25, 0.4, 0.8, and 1.4 mm. 


Flexible fiber CO2 laser focusing tips have a wide-angle of divergence, which, along with rapid defocusing of the beam, means that the danger zone for eye injury is relatively short. 

Return on Investment

The return on investment for the flexible fiber surgical CO2 laser is fast and substantial because of its versatility for virtually all types of soft-tissue surgeries, lower cost of ownership and longevity.

The iHealthCo Team

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Sarah Beach BHSc (Public Health), BA (Communication & Media Management), ROHT, RDH, OMT

Sarah has worked as a dental professional for over 20 years. Her career spanning private and public dental surgeries across Switzerland, Singapore and her home, Australia.

Passionate about achieving best health outcomes for her dental patients has been the key to Sarah's desire to continually educate herself across all disciplines. First as a Dental Therapist, then as an Oral Health Therapist and Dental Hygienist, Sarah went on to gain university degrees in Communication and Management, then Public Health, which further fuelled her desire to help encourage better communication and outcomes in her dental career.


Having studied and worked in specialist and general dental clinics, education, event management and in businesses across the globe, Sarah has a unique insight into health management. Her ability  to connect with a diverse range of business and health professionals has allowed her to co-found iHealth Co with Dr Ben King, who shares the same passion to continually improve health care delivery to an international market.

Sarah is married and has three school aged children. Sarah loves to dedicate time to her clinical dental practice part-time, alongside collaborating with health businesses and educators internationally. 


Dr Ben King BSc (Anatomy & Physiology), MChiro 

Ben has enjoyed a 20 year career spanning health care and business internationally.

For over a decade, Ben owned and operated Chiropractic clinics in Australia and Europe. During this time Ben was heavily involved in elite sport’s high performance, media, education, corporate and individual wellness based wholistic healthcare.

In more recent years, Ben has dedicated his focus to a diverse range of businesses. This includes project management in development of major infrastructure and investment management in Australasia.

Ben brings together a rare blend as an experienced and registered healthcare professional with a depth of practical business operations and investment management.

As a Co-Founder of International Health Collaboration (iHealthCo), Ben is utilising this experience to bring a range of exceptional health based education and clinical products to a global community through collaboration of technical, R&D, clinical and consumer relationship networks.

iHealthCo has a mission to connect the best people in health education, products and service opportunities to positively change the lives of our global community.

LightScalpel Doctor

Marianna Evans

Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Pennsylvania
Founder of the OrthoPerio Institute
Newtown Square, PA

"After 5 years doing frenectomies with electrosurgery and testing different lasers, I finally arrived with the optimal solution. LightScalpel is the most efficient soft tissue laser I have tried. Working with kids and infants I can’t recommend a better one."